Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pink, Patchwork and Flowery??

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for stopping by to see today's card.
I was asked to make a couple of cards and the lady concerned likes pink and patchwork and sewing.
Well, you'd think that was easy...yeah right!!
I am not sure if I like this card or not, I think I have over done it a bit but will share any how.
This is my first attempt at patchwork in a card form, I just made it up as I went so it is probably not like how others do it.

Because of the flower and ribbon on the front of the card, I chose to make a envelope box to put the card in so the flower didn't get crushed.

So... what do you think about the card and box?
I'm still working on the photography too.
Thanks for stopping by,

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