Sunday, September 4, 2011


Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Dad whom I cant share Father's Day with, but he knows I am thinking of him and will see each other soon.
A Happy Father's Day to father of my two children,Trevor.

I cant show you the card I sent my Dad because I made it at class and then sent it off before taking a photo of it. The card for my husband, also made at class, is sealed in the envelope with his present. (and who was it that said Mother's Day was just money making for the shops??)

I will share with you the card I have made for my Father In Law, who has had many a caravan in his day and likes to take off travelling when he can.

The colouring on the van, leaves a bit to be desired but Oh heck, isnt it the thought that counts??

Will be back with a post later when I can photograph Husband's card to show you all.

Take care

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